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Artex produced before 1999 when asbestos was banned  is likely to contain Asbestos so don't ever sand it!

Our family history is as the inventors of the Textured ceiling.  My uncle invented it!  Yes I know....sorry!

The upside is that we are true specialist in ANYTHING ceiling related and have developed the same product to eradicate the dreaded pattern back to a smooth finish :)

So if you hate textured finish / ARTEX give us a call.

Likewise if you want a textured finish or want a textured finish repaired we are probably the only business in the south, if not the UK, that are still skilled in the textured finish technique. (Ripple, stipple, basket and flowers, circle...we do them all!)


In fact we may be the only people still in possession of the original stippler and combs required for the ornate patterns you all grew  up with (broken leather, flower and basket, criss cross, bark etc, etc)

Be it water damage, a new ceiling, overboarding or an invisible patch repair we can help

NOTE:  Specialist care MUST be taken when dealing with ceilings with Artex / Pebblecote coatings as the early product contained 'Asbestos' which is highly dangerous.

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