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The oldest known pieces of European wallpaper still in existence are from 1509 and were found on the beams of the Lodge of Christ's College in Cambridge, England

We specialise in the hanging of all types of wallpaper from simple and very inexpensive lining paper (saving in many cases the COSTLY need to re plaster) to hand painted and heritage wallpapers costing £300-400 per roll.

We can wallpaper just one focal wall in a room or the entire house.

Where necessary we use professional steam strippers to remove old wallpaper and then fill and repair walls prior to papering.  If needed we will cross line the walls with suitable grade lining paper.  We loosen and/or remove all the wall sockets and paper behind them ensuring a professional finish.

We offer professional advise as to the type, style and colour of paper used.  NOT all papers are the same and need to be treated in different ways.

I've been wallpapering for over 25 years so I understand how it should be done to achieve the best finish.  


Make sure you choose someone who KNOWS what they're doing.  DIY mistakes in ruined or wasted paper can end up costing you dearly.  Its often NOT cost effective as the cost of the paper is often higher than the cost of paying for a professional to do it.

If your looking for advise on the type of wallpaper your looking to use then please do give me a call. 

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